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Add-on: Key Vitamins & Minerals ($139)

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Add-on: Key Vitamins & Minerals ($139)

Key vitamins and minerals needed for proper function of metabolic processes.
These tests will get added to the comprehensive package order form.
Can’t be purchased standalone. Must be ordered with comprehensive panel.

Test Name

Description / Purpose

Labcorp Test Code

  • Zinc, serum
Zinc level in blood 001800
  • Copper, serum or plasma
Copper level in blood (used to calculate % of free (unbound) copper) 001586
  • Vitamin B12, and Folate, serum
B12 and folate levels in blood. Needed for RBC production, needed to breakdown homocysteine 000810
  • Vitamin B6, plasma
B6 level in blood 004655
  • Vitamin A (Retinol), serum
Retinol level in blood. Must have enough retinol to convert vitamin D into its useable (bioactive) form. 017509
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